The college application process has changed significantly.  Gone are the days of taking the SAT, sending 3-4 applications, and then waiting by the mailbox for the thick envelope.


My own college journey was unusual – having applied to 24 schools (far too many) – my family established a process that made it a bit easier to complete all of those applications, but we were so burnt out by the end.  We then had to sort through offers from 24 schools, which launched another round of stress as we struggled to wade through the various financial aid packages and figure out what we could actually afford. 


After considerable negotiation with the school, I enrolled at Cornell University and graduated with both a Bachelor of Science and a Masters Degree in Engineering. 

Today’s kids are faced with intense competition to stand out from their peers as they apply to between 7-10 colleges whose acceptance rates seem to decline every year, and their parents are faced with figuring out how to pay for all of this.  We started this business in 2015 to guide students and parents through this process and help them to avoid the pitfalls in this experience. 


From introducing Sophomores to the concepts of how high school success translates to college admission, guiding Juniors to identify what schools are a good fit for them, and giving parents the tools to evaluate what they can afford, and coaching Seniors to create and submit quality applications that set them apart, The College Application Specialist is here to demystify the process and provide your family with the tools, advice, and guidance to identify the program of their dreams and apply confidently.