My college journey began with a program I attended in the summer after my Junior year of high school at Virginia Tech.  By the time I finished, I was determined to be an engineer but didn't know quite where I wanted to go.  


I ended up applying to 24 schools - which is FAR too many!  My parents and I established a process which made it easier, but by the end, we were all burnt out! We then had to sort through offers from 24 schools as I was blessed to be admitted to all of them.


After a considerable amount of negotiation between the university and my parents, I enrolled at Cornell University within the College of Engineering. My time on the Hill was so engaging that I graduated twice - once with a BS in Engineering (1998) and again with a Masters of Engineering (2001).  

During my 20 years in engineering and consulting, I have mentored countless professionals, students, and mentees to achieve their goals. After several of my students and mentees were admitted to the school of their dreams (i.e. the Ivy League) and began prestigious internships, I launched The College Application Specialist.


  Our goal is to demystify the college application process and provide parents and students with the tools, advice, and guidance to identify the program of their dreams and apply confidently.


Our greatest joy is seeing others achieve their goals, knowing that our work together helped to get them there.  Let's make your journey to our next success!

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