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7 Things rising Seniors can do now to reduce college application stress

It's almost over - your Junior year! A year of transition, planning, and anticipation. Some of you are racing to the finish - getting your AP exams in, taking the SAT one more time and looking at your final exams like

As you head into summer here are a few tips for setting yourself up for a less stressful college application process.

Finish your research

If you haven't already narrowed down the list of colleges you are going to apply to, have that done by August.

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Identify your requirements

Identify what requirements are important to you and record them in a spreadsheet. If you use Naviance or other software, this might be done for you as you add schools to your profile.

Create a schedule

Whether it's electronic or on paper, create a schedule of all college application related deadlines. Share it with your parents and guidance counselor so that they can help you stay on track.

Create your accounts

Create a new email address just for college related things; share the username and password with your parents; use it to register. Create your accounts for the Common Application, Coalition Application and/or Common Black College Application. Remember to add guidance counselors and advisors to your application accounts.

Ask for recommendations

Most people wait until the last minute, but you can figure out NOW who'd you like to ask for a recommendation, particularly if they aren't teachers. Let them know where you're applying, when they are due and how to submit them.

Think about essay topics

Did you know most college applications are out RIGHT NOW! Look them up and start thinking about the essay questions, figure out which ones resonate with you, and jot down your thoughts. Don’t forget to look at the supplemental essay questions too.

Identify help early

The college application process is not easy to navigate on your own. Identify adults, including professionals (like us!), that can help you through the process.


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