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Who's Next?
These are just some of the colleges where our phenomenal students have been accepted...

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What Our Students Say...

Working with Ms. Tamara was a great experience.  I applied to seven schools and was accepted to my dream school, MIT, as well as Harvard, Cornell, Georgia Tech, UGA, and Auburn. Working with her, I learned a lot about myself as she was an amazing starting point for introspection and always pushed me to think further about what I was trying to say.  She made that it was my words, not hers or my parents going onto the paper - she made me do the work to find my voice.  Lastly, she made sure I managed my time well because applying to a lot of colleges is stressful unless you plan it out correctly.

Roderick B.
MIT '20 '21

Amber A_edited.jpg

Conveying my thoughts and ideas has always been difficult for me.  I know that I have a lot to say but I often struggle with figuring out how to put it into words.  Ms. Tamara helped me configure all of my thoughts, stories, ideas, and experiences onto paper, and more importantly into a compelling essay.  I truly believe that each essay I submitted reflected who I was and played a significant role in my admission to five schools including Virginia Tech, my top choice.

Amber A.
Virginia Tech '21

As I applied to college, Ms. Tamara was an indispensable asset to the application process. She helped me develop a manageable timeline, construct thoughtful essays to showcase my talents and abilities, and research scholarship opportunities. She was with me at every step of the way. With her help, I was admitted to the University of Maryland, College Park, St. John's University, University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell University!

Alexis A.
UMD College Park '20


Tamara is not only a guide but a mentor.  She gave me the push I needed to apply to my Ph.D. program at Tufts and helped me to obtain my internship at NASA.

Evana G.
Ph.D. Tufts '22

Ms. Tamara is amazing! She helped me tremendously by introducing me to Morehouse and convincing me to apply.  Without her, I would not have discovered this brotherhood and the strong support system that is molding me into a Morehouse man.  I am truly blessed to be surrounded by Black excellence daily.

Miles L.
Morehouse '23

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help and guidance.  I was at maximum capacity, so your work truly was a life saver. And it saved our mom and son relationship too, limiting the amount of stress between us during a very stressful time.

Lynnea L.
Miles' Mom

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