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Competition is Fierce

Admission rates at the top 20 universities hover in the single digits, but did you know there are 1000s of QUALITY institutions that admit more than 60% of their applicants?


Building a college list that reflects your student's strengths, interests, academic profile as well as their fit with an institution can maximize the return on their efforts.

Gain Peace of Mind

Between the information required, the essays, and the supplemental questions, a single application may take between 20-30 hours to complete.


The extra time needed to review all of the essays, personal statements, supplemental essays, resume' drafts, and compile all of the other personal information required for applications is hard to find. 


Getting help to manage the process allows you to focus on your daily life and ensure that your student's applications are done - on time!  

Improve Communication

Applying to college is STRESS and ANXIETY filled, in fact, it is one of the toughest things your family will do. But it does not need to take over your family's life.    ​


We help students and their families communicate throughout this process, significantly reducing stress and anxiety.  We help to promote necessary conversations about interests, majors, and school selection that might otherwise remain unsaid.

Individual Attention

Rarely is a guidance counselor assigned to the same class for four years.   Your counselor may not know you as well as you would like or have the time to help you with your essays and ensure your applications are complete.


We take the time to get to know you and your family, understand your story, and help you to craft the best application that conveys your voice.   That is why we have a 100% success rate placing students at their top choice schools. 

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