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We've partnered with these organizations to bring college prep and counseling workshops to our community.

Let's connect to serve yours!

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Northern Virginia Chapter

Anne Arundel County Chapter

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College 101: Applying to College without Losing your Mind!

An overview of the college admissions process and timeline with key milestones, tips and strategies for completing it with less stress.

College 102: A Guide for First Generation Students Applying to College

A special look at the college admissions process for first generation students and those unfamiliar with the US Higher Education system.

College 201: Applying to College as a Non-Traditional Student

An overview of the college admissions process for students that took a break after high school or are returning to college later in life.

Unlocking the Common Application:Geting it Done Right the First Time

Understand the Common Application, its sections, and learn strategies to complete it.

Show Me the Money: Understanding Financial Aid and Scholarships

An overview of the forms and processes needed to apply for financial aid and scholarships.

How much? Decoding Financial Aid Letters

Understand your financial aid letter, how to compare and evaluate offers, and negotiate when necessary.

You Got In! Now What? How to Successfully Transition from High School to College 

Understand the steps parents and students need to take to successfully transition from high school to college.

Prep Now, Save Tears Later: What Middle Schoolers Can Do Now to Prep for College

Understand how to maximize your middle school years to prepare for high school and college.

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