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We've partnered with these organizations to bring college prep & counseling workshops to our community.

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Northern Virginia Chapter

Anne Arundel County Chapter

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Workshops may be booked individually or as a series


College 101: Applying to College without Losing your Mind!©

An overview of the college admissions process and timeline with key milestones, tips and strategies for completing it with less stress.

College 102: Applying to College when you're First Gen©

A special look at the college admissions process for first generation students and those unfamiliar with the US Higher Education system.

Unlocking the Common Application ©

Understand the Common Application, its sections, and learn strategies to complete it.

The Art of the Humble Brag: Approaching your College Essay©

An overview of each Common App essay prompt, how to approach them, and deciding which is right for you!

Show Me the Money: Understanding Financial Aid and Scholarships ©

An overview of the forms and processes needed to apply for financial aid and scholarships.

Money, Money, Money: Evaluating your Financial Aid Package ©

Understand your financial aid letter, how to compare and evaluate offers, and negotiate when necessary.

You Got In! Now What?  ©

Understand the steps parents and students need to take to successfully transition from high school to college.

College 201: Applying to College as a Non-Traditional Student©

An overview of the college admissions process for students that took a break after high school or are returning to college later in life.

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