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College Selection Advice

Which schools have the best program for your major? What will be a good fit for you? How many schools should you apply to?  Let's chat before you begin the process to maximize your efforts!

Resume' Creation

Organizing your achievements, activities, and awards is a critical component of a compelling application.  Let's create one that helps YOU stand out from the crowd. 

Essay Idea Generation, Review, and Editing

A great essay will help your application stand out. A mediocre one can sink even the best application and detract from your qualifications and accomplishments. We can help you brainstorm ideas and organize your thoughts as you put fingers to keyboard.  You create the drafts, we review, and we discuss how to update.  We aren't done until you are satisfied that the final product reflects your voice.

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Application Final Review

Before you hit the 'submit' button, let's review your full application to make sure it's complete, accurate and error free!

Interview Preparation

Alumni and honors program interviews don't have to be intimidating or stressful with the right preparation!

Decide on a School

Congratulations!  Now that you have many options to choose from, let's discuss which one makes the best sense for you and your family.

Scholarship Applications

You've gotten into the college of your dreams, but how are you going to pay for it?  Millions of dollars in scholarship money goes unclaimed every year simply because students don't apply.  Let's figure out which scholarships are right for you and get those applications completed (on time!)

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