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Expressing Gratitude

In this season of graduation and celebrations of all of your accomplishments, please don't forget to say:

Your Mom, your Dad, Grandparents, favorite Auntie, cousins, friends, and adopted family are all a part of you.'ve put in the work, you did the projects and it's your name on the piece of paper; but no one is an island. That friend you called in the middle of the night to help you when the computer ate your work, that snack that just magically appeared when you were pulling yet another all-nighter, or that person who showed up on your door and dragged you outside for some fresh air when you didn't even know you needed it.

As you move to the next stage of your life, your tribe will change. People will come in and out of your life and you may not always understand why. Cherish the experiences, even the painful ones, for they often teach us the most powerful lessons.

And remember, be a part of someone else's tribe. Root for them as hard as others have rooted for you; express your gratitude; demonstrate kindness and remember that blessings are only multiplied, never divided.


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